Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Recent Composite

This is my most recent composite I have done. The original concept fell through so myself and Keely (another talented photographer the model for me) were sitting at my house after a long day of shopping for wardrobe and props were talking about what else we could do. We then came up with the idea of a wife trying to be the perfect bride with a slob of a husband. We started to talk through the idea and the concept and came up with the bride is finally getting fed up with the husband and is about to through the eggs she just cooked for him on him. I wanted to have a more cinematic feel to the image. So I used multiple lights. I used a large parabolic umbrella, a ring flash, and a reflector with a 20 degree grid. I was also able to get the composite done in two shots, which makes putting things together in post a heck of a lot easier. Unfortunately though with how I ended up positioning the models in the final composite some of the props we purchased ended up not being used.
The first shot is of me, I guess I fit the role of the jerk husband.
The second shot was the last one we shot of Keely as the eggs fell out of the pan right after that shot, some how she managed to catch the eggs and not get any on the dress, I was quite impressed.
The last one is the final composite.

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