Monday, May 14, 2012

Lincoln MKX Shoot

ƒ40 @ 1.6 ISO 400

ƒ22 @ .6 ISO 100
Last week I got access to a brand new Lincoln MKX. So Robert Glover (if you haven't seen his work or been to his website I highly recommend it and I decided that we would take it out and photograph it. We set up a couple of rigs to capture motion blur while the car was moving, unfortunately for us we chose the wrong day to shoot in Percy Warner park, as they were getting ready for the Steeplechase being held that weekend and traffic was unusually heavy. But luckily we did get a few good shots from the motion rig. As the sun started to go down we went to an open field to do some still shots as the lighting was getting just right. As each minute passed by the lighting just kept getting better, to be honest at that time of day in that location you would have to try really hard to get a bad image of the car. After the shoot I started coming down with some bug so I haven't had much of a chance to edit a bunch of the images we took, but here are two images. One from the motion rig we set up and one in the field. For the image in the field I waited for the light to be balanced with the headlights on the car, I then positioned the tripod so I would capture lens flare from the headlight. I knew I wanted a star burst type effect so I stopped my lens down as low as it could. I believe that image was shot at ƒ40 @ 1.6 ISO 400. When I get some more edited I will add them .

I have recently been asked by multiple people when am I going to post my first tutorial, I must apologize I have been pretty busy lately, and  just haven't had time to post one, but it is in the works. When I get over whatever bug I have I will start recording it. I will keep you updated as to when it is up.

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